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Library Users
  • All bonafide students, faculty and employees, officials of the University
  • Retired faculty and staff
  • Alumni – graduates of NVSU could still avail of library resources but for room use only
  • Visiting scholars with University appointments
  • Graduate students with referral letter from other schools
  • Government and Private Researchers
Requirements for Library Privileges
  • Students’ Identification Card (ID)
  • Library Card valid for the current semester
  • Faculty and Staff – Identification Card (ID)
  • Graduate Students/Private and Government Researchers must present a letter from the Head of Agency requesting the use of the library and their office ID
  • Students are paying their library fee (Php100.00) and library card (Php20.00)
  • Faculty, Staff, Retirees and Alumni – free
  • Private Researchers from outside NVSU – Php20.00
Borrowing Privileges
  • Undergraduates
    • 1 circulation book for overnight
    • 1 fiction/wk
  • Graduate Students
    • 2 books/wk (renewable)
  • Non-NVSU users
    • for room use only/ photocopy
Any book on loan maybe recalled if:
  • Official of the University have an urgent need of the book
  • A book is to be placed on “Reserve” for a course or to be given shorter loan period
  • If it is overdue
  • The library is conducting their mandated annual inventory
  • If books and other library materials are not returned on the specified due date, recall notices will be sent to effect return of said materials. In this case, fines shall be computed until such time is returned or declared lost
  • P20.00 per day
Loss of Library Card
  • The library personnel should immediately be notified for the lost library card so that its use can be terminated
  • A students should submit 1X1 ID picture and pay Php20.00 at the Cashier’s Office for the replacement of the lost card
Loss or Mutilation of documents/resources by students
  • Library materials are to be handled with care
  • If a book is lost or mutilated beyond usable condition, then the book has to be replaced with the same or latest edition of that book
  • If the book is out of print, then the book will be replaced or paid
  • If the book is reported as lost/misplaced, the overdue charges are not levied in such case from the date of report until the same is replaced. It must be resolved within one month
Refusal or Failure to Settle Library Accounts
  • Any person who after due notice shall refuse or fail without just cause to settle the library accounts or obligations shall not be allowed to register
  • Shall not be permitted to use the library
  • Shall not be issued university clearance
Refusal or Failure to Settle Library Accounts
  • Any person engaged in disorderly conduct such as:
    • Drunken behavior
    • Creating disorder
    • Disruptive behavior
    • Excessive noise
    • Loud discussion or improper behavior
      • (e.g.: smoking, eating within the library premises shall be asked to leave the library and be subjected to suspension of the library privileges for not more than two weeks)