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The library started its operation in 1968 with Mrs. Ester de Guzman as the librarian with a small room, limited area, physical facilities and collections. It has an initial collection of almost 2000 volumes of books acquired out of the school funds but most are donations from AEOP, PCARRD, IRRI, Asia Foundation and UNESCO. In 1971-1972 Prof. Christie Adriano was appointed as a teacher-librarian and she was replaced by Mrs. Concordia Tito from 1978-1979.

In 1979, Dr. Enrique T. Cayaban was hired as librarian in time for new demands in reference materials. He was the cataloguer until he transferred to private school in 1983. Prof. Alicia A. Rabara took over as the Chief of Library Services.

The long awaited dream of an exclusive building for the library finally materialized in 1993. The library was transferred to the present building located adjacent to the Administration Building with Dr. Divinagracia M. de Guzman, Administrative Office, as the Director of Library Services. (The new library is a two-storey building with a total area of 2,088 sq. m.)

Dr. Divinagracia M. de Guzman was replaced by Dr. Fe A. Gacayan as Director of Library Services from 1999 until her early retirement last May 31, 2013. Mrs. Emma Ruth G. Fronda-Fernandez was designated as the Coordinator of Library Services on June 2019.

The University library has partially completed its transformation from manually operated library to automated one. At present, its users can access the library catalogue thru its in-house OPAC (Online Public Access to Catalogue).

The modernization of our library is an ongoing process fully supported by the University Administration. The Library takes pride as it contributes to the fulfillment of the University’s mission and its continued commitment to serve others.