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A library that is completely equipped with resources and new technologies that are supportive to all center of excellence development of the university that can compete nationally and internationally.


To strengthen the competence and leadership of the students, members of the faculty, research, extension and training groups, by making available and accessible for their use a strong collection of resources and trained personnel to serve them and facilities and services that will encourage their full utilization.


1. To provide access to current and authoritative information resources that will support the needs of the college and promote student success.

2. To serve as a resource to NVSU clients by providing materials of quality, diversity, relevance, and balance that will promote development of critical skills and informed judgment.

3. To assist patrons with construction of search strategies that result in the effective use of library resources.

4. To function as a resource in providing access to information and materials in other libraries through participation in regional and national information networks and systems.

5. To provide a collection of materials relevant to professional development and enrichment for faculty and staff.

6. To provide qualified personnel to serve students, faculty, staff, and patrons, to develop and maintain the collections, and to evaluate services on a continuing basis.

7. To provide a clean, safe, attractive and reasonably quiet environment that will encourage study and academic scholarship.